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Breakfast Blend
Our Price: $16.99

A light medium roast with bright flavor and a crisp finish. A bit of fruit, a hint of cream and just the smallest suggestion of toasted nuts make this mild coffee excellently suited to anytime of the day and a true pleasure to wake up to.
Firehouse Coffee
Our Price: $17.99

A specially selected and carefully roasted blend of African coffee beans dedicated to our brave Bisbee Firefighters. A rich and syrupy mouthful carrying hints of earthy spices and hints of ripe fruit and rose blossoms in the nose and cup. An instant favorite for many!
Copper Queen Blend
Our Price: $17.99

This medium roast is smooth and rich.  Blended using Central and South American coffees.
San Pedro Blend
Our Price: $17.99

This is a blend of medium and dark roasted South American coffees with hints of vanilla and roasted nuts.
Espresso Blend
Our Price: $17.99

A balanced espresso that is sweet with a pleasant acidity, nice body and crema, and a smooth clean finish.
Miner's Blend
Our Price: $18.99

The cup that started it all, a rich and full-bodied blend with sweet fruited notes and a syrupy texture. Blended using African and South American coffees.
Blues Blend
Our Price: $17.99

Bisbee Blues Blend is a full-bodied medium roast.  It is smooth and satisfying, just like the "blues".
Blended using Central and South American coffees.
Cowboy Blend
Our Price: $17.99

Sweet and aromatic, soft bright beginning, smokey mellow finish. Rich and blalnced and strong. Hints of chocolate. Medium Dark Blend.